Civitella del Tronto

Geographical position

Situated in the Province of Teramo, in the north of the Abruzzo Region, Civitella del Tronto has about less than 6000 inhabitants. Geographically speaking, the city is situated in Val Vibrata, nearby Laga Mountains. Due to its location, away from the industrialisation and urbanisation, Civitella belongs to "Club dei Borghi pi¨ belli d'Italia" (The Club of Italy's Most Beautiful Ancient Small Cities), a club whose main objective is to increase the value and protect the artistic, urban and cultural heritage of Italy's ancient small cities, contributing to the promotion of sustainable tourism development.

The medieval citadel

Civitella as we may admire today dates back to the early XI century. Those were the times of feudalism and of the castle cities, belonging to the feudal and fortified with a defensive aim. Its strategic role was obvious also during the kingdom of Napoli.
It was famous in history for the resistance to invading armies. In 1557 it withheld a long siege by Franšois of Lorraine, then in 1798 it was attacked by French armies and the Fortress Spanish Commander, surrendered without opposing any resistance. In 1806 Dutch Commander Matteo Wade, instead, resisted courageously before finally surrendering with all military honours. In 1861 the long Piedmontese siege ended after a massive bombing and mining the fortress.

Places to visit

As a castle citadel, with a major role in the events that will lead to Italy's unity, Civitella del Tronto offers to its visitors a majestic Fortress, a unique example of medieval military architecture in Abruzzo. Built during early Middle Ages, the fortress will be restaurated and amplified by the Spanish, to be restaurated afterwards respecting its original characteristics.

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