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Abruzzo - DIE STÄDTE


The Province of Pescara is relatively recent, as till 1927 it was divided into 2 municipalities, the one of Pescara and the one of Castellammare Adriatico, the first in the province of Chieti, the second in the province of Teramo, divided by the river Aterno. After 1927, as a result of the unification of the two municipalities, the Province of Pescara formed, being considered nowadays the largest and the most populated city of the Abruzzo Region. Facing the sea, Pescara is not only an important province of the central Italy, but also a tourist destination very appreciated by the travellers from all over the country. The city also attracts many students due to its many universities.


The city of Aquila is very ancient; actually it was founded in 1230 by the will of Frederick II of Svevia. From the geographical point of view, it is situated in a privileged position, offering to its inhabitants a gorgeous view over Gran Sasso Mountains. DAS GEBIET of the municipality is decisively large, being divided in 59 districts and fractions. Aquila too has a famous university, attracting every year thousands of students. As concerning the field of education and research, it is worth mentioning the presence of The National Institute of Nuclear Physics, The National Laboratories of Gran Sasso and The Institute of Construction Technology.


Situated in the valley of Tordino, at the foot of Gran Sasso Mountains, Teramo is an ancient city, probably of Phoenician origins. The name of "Teramo" is of Latin origins, as the Romans called it "Interamnia Urbs" (the city between two rivers). A few minutes away from the town there is The Astronomical Observatory, where in 1910 the asteroid Interamnia was discovered; here it's still possible to admire the sky, booking in advance a guided tour.


The city of Chieti is situated near the Adriatic Sea's coast and also very close to Maiella Mountains. Its geographical position is ideal not only for the tourists who may take advantage of the city's opportunities, with mountains and sea altogether during one holiday, but also for its inhabitants, which may always enjoy a fascinating landscape. The city is divided into two parts: Chieti Scalo, near the coast and Cheti Alta, situated on the hill side. At Chieti every year during the month of July is held "Mozart's week", a cultural event that celebrates the genius of the Austrian composer.


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