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L'Abruzzo - Folklore

Sant'Andrea's celebration

One of the most important folkloric event from Pescara is "Sant'Andrea's celebration". It takes place every year on the last Sunday of July. It is a religious event that celebrates Sant'Andrea (Saint Andrew), protector of the sea and of the fishermen. For this reason, most of the event is celebrated at sea. A procession takes the statue of the Saint to the port, where it will be carried in a boat by the authorities of the city and a fishermen group. At the end of the procession a wreath of flowers is thrown in the water in the memory of the dead at sea. Afterwards the celebration goes on, involving all the inhabitants of the city, which may admire during the last night a fireworks show at sea.

"Giostra Cavalleresca" (The Knightly Joust)

"Giostra Cavalleresca" (The Knightly Joust) is held every year at Sulmona during the last weekend of July. It has ancient origins, dating from the Renaissance age, being celebrated in the main square of the city, which is prepared with sand in the occasion of this famous horse race.

La Ruzzica

This is a typical game of the Carnival of Tussio, a little village situated in the internal part of the region. Its name comes from the "ruzzino", a cylindrical piece of wood with a diameter of 30 cm. This game involves rolling this object through an established route. Its main aim is getting to be the first to hit the door of a wine cellar and get the wine from it, especially placed there for the winner of the game.

The "Zirè"

Typical of Aquila is instead the "zirè", a game that bares slight resemblance to the modern baseball. The "zirè" is a small stick of 10 cm with a sharp end. The contestants have to strike the "zirè" with the club proving to throw it as far away as possible.


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